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Nouveau Museum range

Nouveau Museum range

Nouveau Museum Bed Linen & Wallpaper, a new design from Angel Strawbridge with the success of "Escape to the Chateau.

Imagine uncovering the history of your house hidden away at the back of an old, dusty cupboard...“Chateau de la Motte Husson is full of hidden treasures. When we first became custodians of our new home.

Inspired by her wallpaper finds in the attics, Angel decided to make her own unique contribution to the Chateau’s history. I always say this is a script you cannot write. What are the chances of finding the entire collection of off-cuts! The Wallpaper Museum has become a favourite story on our TV series, Escape to the Chateau. Who could have imagined that this would open up the future to my own Chateau inspired designs? Five years on and I am proud to have a portfolio of designs big enough to re-create the Wallpaper Museum design collection. What’s even better is seeing the past and present come together.”

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