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 The top layer of the DanaDream Executive dual layer goose down mattress toppers have been filled with only the finest 70% white goose down + 50% goose feather. The bottom layer gives superb support and a dreamy comfort because of the 100% goose feather used. DanaDream by Quilts of Denmark mattress toppers are a luxury product and affordable to everyone and they only use 100% cotton cambric cases.

DanaDream is owned by Quilt of Denmark - The team at DanaDream have done everything they can to ensure you sleep in surroundings that promote your wellbeing and provide the perfect sleeping comfort all night. DanaDream have developed an extensive range of pillows, duvets, mattress toppers and memory foam that are absolutely top quality. The impressive range allows you to choose the perfect bedding that exactly matches your own needs and preferences. For those of you out there who need special neck and head support they have developed a range of pillows called Ergomagic that contain a brand new type of product. The Ergomagic range of pillows perfectly combines special ergonomic properties using memory foam with a clever mix of natural bamboo and polyester casings.

DanaDream products are completely clean and safe in use – also for people with allergies – and that they comply with the highest ethical standards for animal welfare and environmental friendliness. The natural down and feather products are also dowmpass17 and Nomite certified making them extremely clean products. It is a misconception that most people’s allergies are related to down or feather, when in fact it is dust mites that cause the biggest issue for allergy sufferers. At DanaDream they only use the highest quality raw materials that have been thoroughly cleaned WITHOUT the use of chemicals and so there is an even lower chance of allergic reactions to their products.

Wash Care: ALWAYS use special soap for down wash - WITHOUT enzymes (wool wash soap is fine). NEVER use conditioner. Wash on a gentle cycle with high water and low spin. Down and feather duvets and pillows should always be tumble-dried along with a couple of tennis balls, directly after washing, otherwise the down will lump together. Dry at app. 60° C in the tumble-drier. It takes 3 to 5 hours. The duvet or pillow must be completely dry – even the finest down inside – and must not feel even slightly damp. You can see if your duvet or pillow is completely dry by weighing it before washing and after drying. If it weighs more after drying it means that it’s still damp inside, so you need to give it more time in the tumble-dryer.

Single Mattress Topper 90 x 190cm - RRP £160.00 (Our Price £128.00)

Double Mattress Topper 135 x 190cm - RRP £220.00 (Our Price £176.00)

King Mattress Topper 150 x 200cm - RRP £250.00 (Our Price £200.00)

Superking Mattress Topper 180 x 200cm - RRP £270.00 (Our Price £216.00)

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DanaDream Executive Dual Layer Goose Down Mattress Toppers

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