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  • Euroquilt Extra Deep (12cm) Goose Down Combination Mattress Topper

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Dùsal UK / Euroquilt are a family run business still manufacturing in the UK today and delivering the highest quality products in Duvets, pillows and mattress toppers to quality retailers, 4 & 5 star hotels and the discerning customer…. All fillings be them Natural or synthetic are sourced in Europe and not the far east and so meet all current high standards required and also all their natural products do carry the no mite and down afresh accreditations.

The Extra Deep mattress toppers have an impressive 12cm loft (2" top layer with a sumptuous 3" bottom layer) that makes them even more luxurious than ever before..... Euroquilt has developed this range of 12cm Extra Deep Combo 85% European Goose Down Mattress Topper to give you a fantastic night's sleep every time you go to bed because of the extra deep dual layer top and bottom. Filled with super light and ultra-warm 85% European goose down 2" top layer with a supportive 15% European goose feather. The lower 3" deep chamber is filled with 85% duck feather with 15% duck down which helps absorb the bodies pressure giving relief for many back problems and adding extra comfort for a tired mattress.

The Framed Baffle wall is approx 12cm, helping to keep the filling in the correct place, again aiding in a great night’s sleep. 100% cotton cambric and an impressive tightly woven 233 count.

All Euroquilt natural products are Nomite & Downafresh accredited:
NOMITE ® This certification gives our customers peace of mind in promoting our products as safe for use by persons suffering from house dust allergies and ensures that our product cases and fillings meet the very high standards required on cleanliness, fabric weave density and strength.  This certification brings a whole new level of quality, traceability and compliance to our products and we hope that this advance assures our customers of our continued efforts to bring the best products to market.  

Downafresh® is a trademark of the registered Association of the European Bed feather and Bedding Industries documenting that the filling material complies with the European standard EN 12935 (“feather and down – hygiene and cleanliness requirements “). Companies using these brands have the down and feathers they process tested at a hygiene laboratory and document the origin and processing of the filling material.  
DOWNAFRESH is a guarantee that the filling of down and feather complies with the strictest hygienic requirements, established according to the European standard EN 12935. Furthermore, the filling material is washed with washing detergents that are not harmful to nature. Additionally, feather and down is tested by an impartial test institute to ensure the product does not contain substances harmful to the environment. Downafresh is a guarantee that the manufacturer has an audited traceability system for the feather & down filling material they use and that this complies with all laws and regulations relating to animal welfare and ethics.

Single 90 X 190cm or 35 x 74.5 inches - RRP £714.00 (Our Price £285.00)
Double 135 X 190cm or 53 x 74.5 inches - RRP £1,027.00 (Our Price £410.00)
King 150 X 200cm or 59 x 78 inches - RRP £1,209.00 (Our Price £483.00)
Super King 180 X 200cm or 70 x 78 inches - RRP £1,419.00 (Our Price £567.00)
Emperor size 200 X 200cm or 78 x 78 inches - RRP £1,596.00 (Our Price £638.00)
Emperor size 215 X 200cm or 78 x 78 inches - RRP £1,710.00 (Our Price £684.00)
Emperor size 215 X 215cm or 78 x 78 inches - RRP £1,813.00 (Our Price £725.00)

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Euroquilt Extra Deep (12cm) Goose Down Combination Mattress Topper

  • Brand: Euroquilt
  • Product Code: 85% 2" WEGD 85% 3" WDFD 12cm
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