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Euroquilt Hotel Quality Duck Feather and Down His and Hers Partner Duvets

Euroquilt Hotel Quality Duck Feather and Down His and Hers Partner Duvets

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 Dùsal UK / Euroquilt are a family run business still manufacturing in the UK today and delivering the highest quality products in Duvets, pillows and mattress toppers to quality retailers, 4 & 5 star hotels and the discerning customer…. All fillings be them Natural or synthetic are sourced in Europe and not the far east and so meet all current high standards required and also all their natural products do carry the no mite and down afresh accreditations.

Euroquilt Hotel quality Duck Feather & Down His and Hers Partner Duvets are exclusive to the uk and only manufactured to the highest possible standards in Scotland and exceeds the British and EU standards. Quite simply an ingenious and innovative idea that allows both partners to have different tog rating (Warmth) on their side of the duvet to ensure both partners have an incredible and comfortable night's sleep.

Please be aware that all partner duvets are a special build bespoke product and are therefore made to order items that are non-returnable / non-refundable. Please also allow 7-10 days for delivery to all UK mainland postal addresses.

We are not all alike and body temperatures differ. The Partner duvet concept is simple - one half of the duvet is filled with a certain amount of filling to give a specific tog rating. The other half is made in exactly the same way.

So for example if you like to snuggle up to a 4.5 tog Duck feather (70%) & down (30%) duvet and your partner prefers the cooler and lighter option of our 2.5 tog then this really is the duvet to suit both of your needs all in one, which make our euroquilt partner duvets perfect for everyone.

A wonderful blend of 30% High loft Pyrenean White Duck Down and 70% small Feather. This blend is used to supply hotels for a perfect feeling of cosiness without the weight of cheaper feather normally associated with feather duvets.

The construction of the casing is naturally made to the exacting standard's that one would expect from Euroquilt - cassette boxes made with baffle walls ensure filling is safely contained and will not move around the duvet. Cheaper duvets on the market may be stitched through from top to bottom - this leads to 'cold spots' where the top and bottom meet without any filling. The casing is made from the finest 100% cotton, with a finely woven 233 thread count.

All Euroquilt natural products are Nomite & Downafresh accredited:
NOMITE ® This certification gives our customers peace of mind in promoting our products as safe for use by persons suffering from house dust allergies and ensures that our product cases and fillings meet the very high standards required on cleanliness, fabric weave density and strength.  This certification brings a whole new level of quality, traceability and compliance to our products and we hope that this advance assures our customers of our continued efforts to bring the best products to market.  

Downafresh® is a trademark of the registered Association of the European Bed feather and Bedding Industries documenting that the filling material complies with the European standard EN 12935 (“feather and down – hygiene and cleanliness requirements “). Companies using these brands have the down and feathers they process tested at a hygiene laboratory and document the origin and processing of the filling material.  
DOWNAFRESH is a guarantee that the filling of down and feather complies with the strictest hygienic requirements, established according to the European standard EN 12935. Furthermore, the filling material is washed with washing detergents that are not harmful to nature. Additionally, feather and down is tested by an impartial test institute to ensure the product does not contain substances harmful to the environment. Downafresh is a guarantee that the manufacturer has an audited traceability system for the feather & down filling material they use and that this complies with all laws and regulations relating to animal welfare and ethics.

Please note that any Euroquilt duvets can be connected together to create an all seasons duvet. If you can't see the all season tog combination you require then simply buy the two tog duvets you want to be able to connect together and let us know when at the point of ordering in the notes section. The duvets connect together with a popper system.

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