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Euroquilt Coolmax Thermal Regulating Duvets / Pillows / Bedding

Euroquilt Coolmax Thermal Regulating Duvets / Pillows / Bedding

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 Dùsal UK / Euroquilt are a family run business still manufacturing in the UK today and delivering the highest quality products in Duvets, pillows and mattress toppers to quality retailers, 4 & 5-star hotels and the discerning customer…. All fillings be them Natural or synthetic are sourced in Europe and not the far east and so meet all current high standards required and also all their natural products do carry the no mite and down afresh accreditations.

We are proud to be able to bring you the Euroquilts absolute ultimate sleep solution for keeping you cool during the hot & humid nights. Coolmax high tech fibres form a unique moisture management system. The multi-channel cross-section fibres allow moisture to move rapidly - cotton covers retain moisture in comparison, this moisture is not absorbed inside the fibre itself. For optimum effect, Coolmax 2.5 tog duvets, pillows, duvet covers, pillowcases/protectors, mattress protectors, and fitted sheets, offer night long care to keep you dry and comfortable. Beautiful peach skin finish offers soft luxurious comfort and the duvet cover is easy to care for and washable to 60 degrees

The benefits far exceed anyone’s expectations and perspiration and moisture are actively wicked away from your body, all of your bed linen will also remain fresh and dry throughout the night which ensures a fantastic night sleep just when you need it most. Coolmax has been proven in tests to have vastly improved breathability and faster drying properties and we can provide literature provided by the manufacturers should you wish to have more information.

Many customers have actually replaced their entire bed-linen collections with Coolmax sheets, duvet covers and pillowcase

The “Coolmax” Bedding Sleep set brings together all products contained in the “Coolmax” collection, these include the following: 2.5 tog Coolmax Duvet, Coolmax Duvet Cover, Coolmax Fitted Sheet, Coolmax Mattress Protector, Coolmax Pillows (1 For Single & 2 For All Other Sizes), Pillow Protectors (1 For Single & 2 For All Other Sizes) & finally pillowcases (1 For Single & 2 For All Other Sizes)

Despatch is taking longer for these items due to Covid-19 circumstances in the Scottish factory where these items are manufactured.

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